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  • Earth Friendly
  • Resist Bacteria
  • Easy to Repair
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Granite is a natural product consisting of quartz, feldspar, mica, and other colored minerals. As a result, granite may vary in color and pattern from the sample and may have natural variations resulting from the immense heat and pressure which formed the stone. These characteristics enhance the natural beauty of the stone and do not impair the durability of the granite.

Whether it’s for your home, a busy lunch counter, or a conference room table, stone not only makes a stylish statement but is exceptionally durable.

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Beautiful natural stone is the ideal material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, patio bars, and so much more. Compared to other types of countertops, natural stone slab has superior qualities that keep it at the top of the list. It is readily available, has manageable maintenance, extraordinary durability, and beauty that only nature can produce.


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Care and Maintenance

Homeowners who are seeking to add value to their homes enjoy the durability and easy maintenance when upgrading to granite countertops.

Proper care adds to the longevity and beauty expected from this premium product. In addition to the standard polished finish, other finishes such as honed or flat finish are available. Although a honed finish can be attractive, it is not recommended for use in a kitchen. Over time, everyday use will tend to polish frequently used areas and the additional, necessary sealers will distract from the beauty of the surface. A polished finish is easiest to maintain with regular care that includes proper cleaning and the use of sealers to prevent staining.

Care for a polished finish begins with daily attention to what is placed on the surface. Granite countertops are hard and can withstand a falling can of soup but the polished surface is a bit more delicate. Never use the granite as a cutting surface, always use a cutting board. Avoid allowing acidic foods to be left on the surface for any amount of time, as they can etch the surface. Harsh cleaning products or abrasive cleaners (liquid or powder) can also remove the polished shine. Although granite is extremely hard, some of the minerals in it may be very soft. In order to protect the surface, it is recommended to avoid dragging pots, pans or appliances across the stone.

Once a year, a penetrating sealant should be applied. Avoid using a stone sealer that does not penetrate the stone.

Minor damage to your granite countertop may be resolved the homeowner. If a pot or pan leaves a gray or black mark on the surface, it may be buffed out using fine steel wool. Glue-like substances can be scraped off the surface using a single sided razor blade. Any small marks made during the removal may be buffed out using a fine steel wool. If the granite is chipped or cracked, a professional should be called in to perform repairs.

Everyday normal use will not harm the granite and it should be cared for like any other product. If something spills, wipe it up to avoid staining. Depending on the nature of the stain, a common removal method is a poultice paste made of peroxide and cornstarch. Applying the paste to the area and allowing it to dry should pull the stain from the stone.

Granite is heat resistant, but it is not heat proof. The prolonged use of electric griddles or fry pans will cause the granite to dry out; this could eventually cause it to crack. We recommend always using a hot pad, trivet, or cutting board underneath any hot surface to help prevent this.

Sealed granite does not harbor bacteria or mold. Tests executed by the Hospitality Institute using e-coli contaminates show granite is 2nd only to stainless steel countertops in bacterial resistance. Tone come pre-sealed, but should be re-sealed annually or as needed. Stone sealer can be purchased at Jerry’s Floor Store. Please be sure to follow the instructions for use from the manufacturer for the correct application procedure.

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Our backsplashes are standard at 4” high. Any height backsplash can be done with a minimum of 3” to full height backsplash, eliminating the need for tile. Backsplashes are installed using a 90˚ butt joint where the backsplash rests on top of the counter along the wall. Because granite is a natural stone we cannot make coved backsplashes as seen with laminate tops.

Hand Selected Slabs
At Jerry’s Floor Store we match the slabs used in each project for color and grain consistency. The method used for joining adjacent pieces is a straight butt joint. Straight butt joints involve adjoining the cut edge of one piece to the matched cut edge of the adjacent piece. This method helps ensure that front-finished edges line up correctly. Epoxy resin is used to adjoin seamed pieces. These seams can be seen and felt, however, we color match the epoxy resin to your tops. We do not make corner angle joints (miter joints), as frequently done with laminate countertops.


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