When you buy carpet from Jerry’s Floor Store, you can be assured you’re getting a top-quality product at the most competitive price. Jerry’s Floor Stores offer you an unmatched selection of colors and styles, with the most up to date designs and fashions at the price that’s right for you. You will also find the best customer service available and professional, courteous installation to protect your floor covering investment.

Product Feature

Why carpet?

  • Carpet is comfortable under your feet
  • Safe for children playing
  • Adds cushion for possible falls
  • improves a home’s acoustics by absorbing sound
  • Carpet retains warmth longer, conserving energy

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Beautiful, work completed reliably from start to finish.

Design and development of textile layouts
Consultation on textile decoration

Additional Information

Things to consider when buying carpet and carpet pads


How much traffic will be in the carpeted areas? Do you have children? Do you have pets? Do you have a busy schedule? Are you going to be carpeting the stairs? The more information our MN carpet store experts have the better we can serve you and guide you to the right product for your next flooring project.


Padding will give your carpet a good foundation and added strength. When choosing a carpet in MN keep in mind the pad selected can be an added benefit to your carpet choice.


Our carpet company in MN has several fibers to choose from including Nylon, Smartstrand, Polyester, Triextra, Olefin, Wool and more. With the current advances in manufacturing some carpets have a much softer hand while maintaining durability.


The carpets twist can determine the durability along with the fiber content. The twist is a very important consideration.


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