Every project begins with an email, phone call or online chat with one of our flooring experts. We’ll get an initial understanding of your project and schedule a time to either visit your home, or to meet with you in person at one of our 2 locations.

Here at Jerry’s Floor Store we listen to our customers, by understanding your budget, expectations and lifestyle. We’ll take the time to understand how you actually live in your home so we can help recommend products that perform as well as they look.

Building upon what we learned during our visits, we’ll put our team of experts together and prepare a project plan for your review. Every home is different and every lifestyle can be enhanced in a number of ways. Only you can decide how you want to live. Jerry’s Floor Store will help you realize your vision leveraging our 40+ years of experience creating rooms and spaces that have satisfied thousands of customers.

After describing our work plan in detail, we’ll offer suggestions on how to minimize any inconveniences during the construction period.

Vinyl Floor Installation
Vinyl floor covering is still to this day a preferred choice for residential kitchens and bathrooms. The ease of cleaning and maintenance of vinyl is an easy choice when remodeling your space. Your new vinyl floor can be installed in many different ways. Most common is by embossing the existing vinyl floor and laying the new floor over it. Other options include installing finished ¼“ Russian birch plywood. If vinyl is to be installed below grade concrete we then prep the concrete surface so it becomes smooth so the new vinyl floor will not show flaws in concrete sub floor.

Our experienced vinyl flooring staff will be able to determine the proper installation when we come out to field measure your home or business. Jerry’s Floor Stores have a vast array of styles and colors of vinyl products to choose from. We carry all the major manufacturers of vinyl sheet goods and vinyl tile and plank flooring to give you the look you want.

For more information, visit our Vinyl Floor page

Carpet Installation
Carpet is one of the most used floor products to spruce up or update your home or business. Carpet can be installed in many ways, over pads or glued direct onto concrete. We can also install it in RV’s and boats. At Jerry’s Floor Store we are able to provide the full spectrum of carpet made from olefin, nylon, wool and even corn. We carry carpets from builder grade to exclusive design carpets; we also carry a full line of carpet tiles.

Our commercial and residential carpet flooring departments will all be able to help you with your new carpet choices. We provide samples that you can bring home or to your clients for design and/or for your end use. Our experienced staff will come out to measure and inform you of the best alternative for your new or existing space.

Our certified carpet installers are able to install your carpet in your home or in your commercial space. Be it new construction or remodel.

For more information, visit our Carpet page

Wood Floor Installation
At Jerry’s Floor Store we carry a variety of solid and engineered wood floors. We also carry Bamboo and Cork floorings.

The positive point of wood is that it is a “Green” product meaning that it is a renewable resource and that some of it is locally sourced.

Installation of these products varies from a floating system right over an existing floor, to a nail down or glue down application.

For our solid ¾” wood flooring, the most common for remodeling is to remove carpet pad and top layer of sub floor (if particleboard or pressed wood) then install a solid core ½” plywood and then installing the ¾” wood.

You can choose from pre-finished solid to ¾” on site stain and finish.

Our seasoned wood flooring staff is able to help you choose the right wood flooring for the space.

For more information, visit our Wood Flooring page

Tile Installation
Ceramic tile is one of the oldest functional and decorative products produced by man. Thru history it has played an important part. The durability and wear is timeless.

At Jerry’s Floor Store we provide a full array of floor tile for any space in your home or business that requires long lasting wear and ease of cleaning. We also carry a wide variety of glass and deco wall tile for the kitchen back splash and bathroom walls.

Our seasoned tile flooring installers are able to build and install walk-in showers, tub surrounds, ceramic bath and kitchen floors and yes we can even tile your swimming pool.

Most applications involve removing old floors and walls and then installing waterproof wall and floor boards. In some cases we need to install wire lath concrete and waterproof membranes for a waterproof shower floor or pool.

We then apply ceramic tiles with a thinset mastic adhesive or a concrete mortar setting material. After installation of the tiles we then grout with an unsanded or epoxy grout. Floor tiles are grouted with a sanded grout and/or with epoxy sanded grout for shower or pool floors.

For more information, visit our Tile page

Laminate Floor Installation
Laminate flooring is an economic choice for remodeling your floors. At Jerry’s Floor Store we show a variety of styles and looks that range from ceramic tile to hand scraped barn wood looks.

Installation of laminate flooring normally consists of installing an acoustic poly underlay over existing sheet or tile flooring. Then installing the laminate floor over the underlay. Finally your wood shoe is set on top of the laminate floor so it can float on top of the underlay and can contract and expand as seasons change. Setting appliances like stoves and refrigerators are not an issue on top of laminate floors. Laminate can be installed below grade (concrete) so you can have the look of wood in your basement family room or entertainment areas. Come see the many styles we carry.

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