At Jerry's Floor Store granite division our highly experienced installation teams carefully and skillfully place your tops in their designed locations. Using state of the art material handling and installation techniques you can be assured of a quality fit and finish.

Our Process

Field measurements are taken once all cabinets have been installed in their permanent positions. The following related components must be available to the technician at the time of measurement (templating): cabinet doors, end panels, cabinet hardware, sinks (and manufacturer-supplied templates), plumbing fixtures, cook tops, exhaust vents (when full-height splash is required), electrical outlets (roughed in), and refrigerators (in some cases).

Shop Drawings can effectively communicate exact cutting information to you. A shop drawing is a highly detailed document that will identify all aspects of the finished product installation. The shop drawing is prepared by your fabricator, showing the layout of the stone pieces, location and size of all seams, and details clarifying all corner and edge treatment conditions. Some fabricators produce full size templates that are highly detailed. These detailed templates may be considered "full size" shop drawings. Whatever the format, this is the time to ask questions about seam placement, cutouts, etc.

Seam Layout (Seam Placement)
The layout of the (seams) of the countertops is extremely important to the overall appearance upon completion. Make sure you understand where seams will be and how seams may affect the overall appearance of the stone. This is especially true when installing some of the higher-end varieties with obvious veins and movement.

Sinks are supplied in one of several types: Top mount (or self-rimming), under mount, and "farm style", or apron sink. In the case of the top-mounted sinks, the weight of the sink and its contents are transferred to the top surface of the stone counter via the rim of the sink. Under mount sinks can be anchored to the underside of the stone countertop or carried by a sub top. A sub top or auxiliary framing may be required for either design when more fragile stones are used, or when the sink is excessively heavy. Note: Cast iron sinks will always require the extra support stated above for both top and under mount types. In the case of apron sinks or farm style sinks, they need to be mounted prior to measure of countertops for accurate placement and measurements.

Edge profiles
Add elegance to the finished project. Edge profiles with narrow projections and sharp corners are more susceptible to chipping than those with a larger, curved silhouette. With machinery and tooling available to modern fabrication shops, many custom profiles can be created. Ask your fabricator if you have something special in mind. Your selection of an edge detail will likely influence the cost of your countertops more than any other decision you make.

Corner Embellishments
Corners of stone countertops can be cut square, cut to a radius, or projected.

Dry Assembly
At the project site, it is recommended that all stone pieces be "dry assembled" in place to verify satisfactory fit prior to the application of adhesive. Shims are commonly employed to level the stone countertops. Shim material may be wood or plastic.

The stone countertops are secured to the substrate with an adhesive. Common construction adhesives or silicone sealants are the most popular materials used.

Final Positioning
Final positioning of the stone is done either manually or with the aid of commercially available stone-alignment tools. Filling the seams is normally completed prior to final positioning of the stone units, allowing the filler material to extrude out of the joint as the stones are pulled into alignment. The stone surface may be masked to prevent contact by the filler material.

Sealer Application
After the countertops are installed and the seams are filled, a sealer or impregnator may be applied. Alternatively, some fabricators prefer to apply the sealer or impregnator in the fabrication shop prior to transporting the pieces to the project site.

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