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If you’re interested in getting a flooring bid, please provide a drawing of your floors that you would like a bid on. Please provide the type of flooring you would like and we will send you an estimate within 72 hours. Or we can send can send out an estimator for an in home consultation.  You can also click the project estimate form below and email or fax your drawing to us.

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There are many different options for flooring. Form carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate and wood. Indicate which type of flooring finish you’re looking for on the estimate form.

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If you are interested in getting a countertop bid, please provide a drawing of your countertop project and we will send you an estimate within 72 hours. Or we can send out an estimator for an in home consultation. You can also click on the project estimate form below and email or fax us your drawing.

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Choose your stone color
There are many options when choosing your stone color. Whether you’re looking for the natural look and feel of Granite countertops, Marble countertops, Soapstone countertops, Limestone countertops, or Quartzite countertops. Or the modern feel of Silestone Quartz countertops, Ceaser stone Quartz countertops, Hanstone Quartz countertops, The Floor Store offers along with our vendors all of your countertop products.

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Choosing your edge detail
Jerry’s Floor Store offers a wide range of edges for your stone countertop needs. Our standard edge is “FREE”. If your looking for more of a decorative edge shape we offer: Large Ogee, Small Ogee, half-bullnose, full-bullnose, demi-bullnose, large ½ bevel, small ¼ bevel, or chiseled edge.

Bevel Edge Countertop Bullnose Edge CountertopDemi Bullnose Edge Countertop Ease Edge CountertopHalf Bullnose Edge Countertop Large Og Edge CountertopOgee Edge Countertop

Jerry’s Floor Store is unique in its offering of backsplash for your stone countertop projects. Our standard backsplash height is 4”. Any height backsplash can be done with a minimum of 3” to full high backsplash. The backsplash is installed using a standard butt joint where the backsplash rest on the top of the counter, along the wall. We also offer a many different options of tile backsplash.

At Jerry’s Floor Store we typically add 1 ½ overhang to all finished edges. This can be changed to your needs or wants. For safety reasons we recommend support on overhangs bigger than 8”.

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