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Vinyl flooring has become a first option for modern interior designs. Vinyl flooring advantages are hard to deny. Advances in the vinyl flooring technology have balanced stylish design, with easy maintenance.

Vinyl flooring offers many options, combining all of this design flexibility with durability. This is why designers often choose vinyl for high traffic areas where they want to complete a specific design theme or capture a unique aesthetic.

Vinyl can look like wood, slate, ceramic tile or stone, with depth and realism that can fool nearly any eye. And it does all of that while being budget friendly, sensible, durable and easy to clean.

Advantages of vinyl flooring

  • Variety of quality levels and prices of all flooring choices
  • Many styles, patterns, and colors with ultra realistic wood, tile or stone look-alikes
  • Water resistant
  • Quiet and comfortable underfoot
  • Easy maintenance - Vinyl does not require any elaborate maintenance. Vacuum twice a week, mop twice a month and apply vinyl dressing twice yearly
  • Easy to replace damaged tiles
  • Easy to give your floor a new look
  • Warranties of higher end products do cover damage repair

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

  • Vinyl sheet - Few seams. (Vinyl tile requires more seams.)
  • Vinyl is tough but not indestructible. Dragging heavy appliances across vinyl floors can cause tearing. Dropping heavy objects can cause dents.
  • Resilient flooring does fade over time, especially if in a room with bright sunlight. Life expectancy is 15-30 years but that's less than real stone or wood flooring.
  • Repairing a vinyl sheet requires a patch or an entire sheet to be replaced which is why some prefer tile over sheeting.

At Jerry's Floor Store we offer a large selection of MN vinyl flooring options. Come visit our sales staff will be happy to help you pick out the perfect vinyl flooring for your next flooring project.

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