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Quartz is a man-made product consisting of approximately 93% quartz and 7% glues and resins to hold it together. As a result, quartz is very consistent in color from slab to slab; it does vary from lot to lot. Quartz is most commonly used for countertops, but can be used for much more.

At Jerry's Floor Store we match the quartz slabs used in each project for color and grain consistency. The method used for joining adjacent pieces is a straight butt joint. Straight butt joints involve adjoining the cut edge of one piece to the matched cut edge of the adjacent piece. This method helps ensure that front finished edges line up correctly. Epoxy resin is used to adjoin seamed pieces. These seams can be seen and felt, however, we color match the epoxy resin to your quartz tops. We do not make corner angle joints (miter joints), as frequently done with laminate countertops.

Our quartz backsplashes are standard at 4" high. Any height backsplash can be done with a minimum of 3" to full height backsplash, eliminating the need for tile. Quartz backsplashes are installed using a 90˚ butt joint where the backsplash rests on top of the counter, along the wall. Because it is made in slab form, we cannot make coved backsplashes as seen with laminate tops.

Quartz Maintenance & Care
MN quartz should be cared for like any other countertop material. For daily cleaning, mild dish soap and water can be used. A nice quality of quartz is its stain resistance and non-porous structure eliminating the need to be sealed.

There are only three natural products harder than quartz: topaz, sapphire, and diamond. This leads to quartz being scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Keep in mind, like any other product, with excessive force or pressure, the quartz surface could be scratched.

Quartz in MN is also heat resistant, but not heat proof. This means that quartz can handle limited exposure to heat. With the use of electric skillets or hot pots, we recommend that a trivet or hot pad be used to avoid thermal shock.

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