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Limestone is formed from sedimentary rock. The range of available colors is dictated by what is being quarried around the world at any given time. As a result, limestone may vary in color and pattern from the sample, and may have natural variations resulting from the immense pressure which formed the stone. These characteristics enhance the natural beauty of the stone and do not impair its durability.

At Jerry's Floor Store we match the limestone slabs used in each project for color and grain consistency. The method used for joining adjacent pieces is a straight butt joint. Straight butt joints involve adjoining the cut edge of one piece to the matched cut edge of the adjacent piece. This method helps ensure that front finished edges line up correctly. Epoxy resin is used to adjoin seamed pieces. These seams can be seen and felt, however, we color match the epoxy resin to your limestone countertops. We do not make corner angle joints (miter joints), as frequently done with laminate countertops.

Our limestone backsplashes are standard at 4" high. Any height backsplash can be done with a minimum of 3" to full height backsplash, eliminating the need for tile. Backsplashes are installed using a 90˚ butt joint where the backsplash rests on top of the counter, along the wall. Because limestone is a natural stone we cannot make coved backsplashes as seen with laminate tops.

Limestone Maintenance & Care
Calcium carbonate is limestone's main components causing it to react poorly to acids. Acidic products will cause the MN limestone to etch, leaving the surface looking dull and change the texture. Wiping up all spills immediately and only using cleaners specified for Minnesota limestone will help prevent the limestone from etching. Sealers, although necessary, do not protect against etching.

Limestone is a porous stone leaving it more susceptible to staining. It is treated with a sealer before install, but should still be resealed as needed. The sealer will not prevent stains from forming, it will only help defend against stains and allow time to wipe the spill. Stains can be removed from limestone in MN using a poultice of peroxide and corn starch applied to the surface.

Always use cutting boards, trivets or placemats under dishware and appliances to protect from scratches in limestone. Also, always use trivets and hot pads under all hot surfaces to protect the limestone from thermal shock.

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